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RIZK Media Group supply an excellent selection of premium quality freestanding digital screen posters in touch and non-touch designs, perfect for the delivery of high impact promotional business messages. With integrated LCD panel and LED backlit technology, our freestanding digital posters can operate on a 24/7 basis for more than 70,000 hours continuously. Buttonless to prevent the prospect of tampering, our touch and non-touch freestanding digital screen posters are significantly brighter than standard domestic television sets or monitors to provide a truly standout look. They offer a brightness of 450cd/m² for ultra-sharp image quality and colour depth at a 178 degree viewing angle, with no drop off in colour accuracy or contrast ratio alteration at wide viewpoints.

The freestanding digital screen posters feature a slim lightweight construction with an aluminium surround to provide a streamlined tablet aesthetic. They are also designed to retain a consistent high definition colour temperature for lifelike images, even in the most difficult of lighting environments. Furthermore, they can be easily installed in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Both the touch screen and non-touch freestanding digital screen poster displays offer 4K outputs, with a four times more impressive resolution than standard HD for outstanding image quality. This resolution is compatible with the integrated Android media player, as well as custom CMS Network systems, HDMI channels and alternate devices such as USB sticks.

Also incorporating an eco-friendly power timer for automated switch on and shutdown times, our digital screen poster displays can work from external media player sources, and are easily transportable on account of their discreet and retractable integrated castors.

Manufactured with heat resistant, premium quality panels, our freestanding digital screen posters come complete with a 3 year commercial warranty. The superior panels are built to last and enable the digital posters to work 24/7 for 70,000 hours plus continuously.

A networked upgrade is available at an extra cost, enabling users to remotely update the contents shown on their freestanding digital screen posters via WiFi, LAN, or 3G, 4G, or 5G.

Free standard bracket and free delivery included. Prices do not include VAT, content design and installation.

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From £4,937

POS Network Android PCAP Touch Screen

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PCAP Self Service Kiosk


Android PCAP Touch Screen Kiosk

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Wall-Mounted Outdoor Digital Advertising Displays

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Wall-Mounted PCAP Outdoor Touch Screens

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23” LCD Shelf Edge Touch Display


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Android PCAP Touch Screen

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