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LCD Video Wall Displays

RIZK Media Group offer an excellent range of premium quality video wall solutions to suit your specific business needs. Featuring an ultra slim screen-to-screen bezel of only 3.5mm, video walls of practically any size can be seamlessly created to bespoke requirements, either as part of a tiled video wall or independently. An in-built video matrix processor ensures a quick and easy installation whereby the units automatically tile the video signal, so any configuration is possible without additional hardware.

Our elite video walls incorporate commercial grade IPS technology for razor sharp image quality and colour depth without compromise in colour accuracy. The panels are designed to deliver optimal lifelike colour temperature in both portrait and landscape orientations, with a stunning 178 degree viewing angle in either mode. They also don’t succumb to blackening defect when in use as a window display.

Able to stream 4k content for ultra high definition resolution and the crystal clear delivery of your key commercial messages, the video walls incorporate LED backlit technology for supreme brightness and contrast levels. They operate with a low power consumption for enhanced longevity, and can operate on a continuous 24/7 cycle for more than 70,000 hours on account of their superior heat resistant, premium quality panels. They are also supplied complete with a 3 year commercial warranty.

HDMI and DisplayPort inputs allow for the simple uploading of content to video wall screens, as well as USB and CMS Network connectivity, whilst an in-built cooling system guarantees the display remains at its prime working temperature. Networked upgrades are available to allow you to add changing content to your video wall displays through WiFi, LAN, 3G, 4G and 5G.

Free standard bracket and free delivery included. Prices do not include VAT, content design and installation.

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LCD Video Wall Displays

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