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Electronic Shelf Labels/Displays

RIZK Media Group offer an excellent choice of premium quality electronic shelf display solutions and ESL electronic shelf labels to serve all sorts of retail industries. The likes of supermarkets, pharmacies, petrol stations and many other business premises can greatly profit from the addition of an electronic shelf display or electronic shelf labels to deliver key product information and prices.

Innovative digital shelf displays will ensure your core products and services are promoted to their very best effect, with a stunning aesthetic and ultra-sharp display quality that sets them apart from traditional static paper labels. In addition to pricing information, our electronic shelf displays and ESL electronic shelf labels can transmit vital product information and feature details, as well as rolling video advertisements, promotional offers, discount codes and branding messages. These features can lead to your business providing an enhanced customer experience with improved labour efficiency, and ultimately enjoying stronger conversions and sales rates.

The electronic shelf displays and ESL electronic shelf labels from RIZK Media Group are manufactured using heat resistant high quality panels that are built to last, and enable the displays to operate 24/7 for usage of 70,000 hours plus continuously. Furthermore, they come supplied complete with a 3 year commercial warranty.

Content uploads are made simple via Plug and Play, by which you add your preferred images and videos onto a USB device which then connects to the electronic shelf display. Alternatively, you can input content using the integrated CMS Network system. Networked upgrades are available too, so content can be regularly updated remotely, via WiFi, LAN, 3G, 4G and 5G.
Free standard bracket and free delivery included. Prices do not include VAT, content design and installation.

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Electronic Shelf Labels

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