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4K Screens

Deliver your key business messages in incredible resolution with premium quality 4k screens from RIZK Media Group. Providing an immersive viewing experience, our 4k screens deliver incredible picture quality at a four times greater resolution than high definition. Featuring an in-built HD media player, the 4k screens display your chosen content via a simple USB plug and play means on a continual cycle. The integrated CMS Network system can also be used to add your preferred imagery.

Our 4k screens are manufactured using commercial grade panel, and can operate on a 24/7 basis for more than 70,000 hours, in stark contrast to domestic applications. They also feature an eco-friendly power timer so you can program the system to switch on and off at a set time from day to day or week to week.

Furthermore, our selection of premium quality 4k screens incorporate LED backlit technology for enhanced contrast and brightness levels. Mercury free, they work in an extremely energy efficient manner which is conducive to a prolonged lifespan.

The 4k screens from RIZK Media Group can also be used as a monitor when required, and are connectable to external sources such as a computer or media player via the HDMI or audio jack inputs. Networked upgrades are available too, so the content shown on the 4k screens can be updated via WiFi, LAN, 3G, 4G or 5G.

Manufactured with heat resistant, premium quality panels, our 4k screens come supplied with a 3 year commercial warranty. The superior panels are built to last and enable screens to work 24/7 for more than 70,000 consecutive hours.

Free standard bracket and free delivery included. Prices do not include VAT, content design and installation.

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