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LED Indoor/Outdoor Screens

RIZK Media Group provide a stunning range of premium quality LED screens that deliver an exceptional performance for all kinds of commercial applications. Manufactured for faultless durability, our indoor and outdoor LED screens provide razor sharp image quality, and incredibly simple installation prospects whether fitted in landscape or portrait orientations.

Our indoor LED displays are ideal for transmitting key business messages, and provide the perfect basis for LED menu screens for the likes of restaurants, bars and fast food outlets. Meanwhile, the outdoor LED advertising boards we supply can work wonders for brand awareness, and entice potential customers to interact with your business in person or online, visit your website or enter your premises, and ultimately, to make a purchase.

The excellent LED screens from RIZK Media Group also incorporate LED backlit technology, which allows for optimal contrast and brightness levels, and enables them to operate on a 24/7 cycle for more than 70,000 hours continuously, along with their heat resistant, premium quality panel construction. Plus, they offer protection from blackening defect at surface temperatures up to 110 degrees, so can be used as shopfront window displays without issue. Even so, our LED screens come supplied complete with a 3 year commercial warranty.

There are multiple connectivity options with our LED screen displays as well, including numerous HDMI ports and USB Plug and Play. With the latter feature, you simply select your chosen images and videos and add them to a USB device which is then inserted into the LED screen. Once the files have been transferred over, the content will play on a continuous loop. An alternative means is to utilise the integrated CMS Network system. And in addition to this, networked upgrades are available so that imagery can be added constantly remotely, via WiFi, LAN, 3G, 4G and 5G.

Free standard bracket and free delivery included. Prices do not include VAT, content design and installation.

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